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Masters of the sea

Our life journey can be compared to sailing on the sea, often influenced by external and internal factors. Seemingly calm water and storms come our way, many times unexpectedly.

Masters of the Sea are those who have a profound understanding of themselves (the vessel), the team (the crew), and the effects that events (winds, streams, tides, waves) exert on life (the sea). 

The Masters of the Sea sail successfully with their crew or individually, even in impervious conditions, keeping their orientation, enjoying the ride, and reaching safely their destination.


Master your Sea Leadership Coaching is a company founded by Stefano, a former Navy Officer who has chosen to put his experience and knowledge in service of others. His mission is to support those who are willing to achieve a positive transformation, becoming better leaders of themselves or others.

Stefano applies the Co-Active coaching method, an approach that seeks to balance the “being” and the “doing” to achieve desired goals. 



In the whirlwind of everyday life, we often find ourselves adrift, carried away by commitments, accidents, requests, expectations, and unpredictable events that influence our personal lives and work.

Master your Sea Leadership Coaching will help you "press pause," take a breath, reflect on what can be improved, and take concrete actions to achieve a positive transformation.

Master your Sea Leadership Coaching is helpful for those who want to improve their leadership skills in their professional and personal lives. Based on the Co-Active coaching methodology, our approach is structured on three pillars, like the trident: mastery, the sea, and you.

Two people, a whote man and a black woman, are sitting on a sail boat, both smiling while looking at the camera
Stylized White Waves
A black is surfing on a wave with confidence and mastery

The Mastery

The set of skills, knowledge, and tools like self-awareness and intuition that You refine to sail more confidently and safely.

A sail boat with fisherman at the dawn

The Sea

The sea is life, your life. The medium through which you move and sometimes, struggle, to reach your desired destination: Your idea of fulfillment and success.

A man with white beard and hair steering a boat and looking ahead with confidence


You, a wholesome, creative, and resourceful person, ready to take charge of your life and/or grow as a leader.

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