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Success stories

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I circumnavigated the globe with Stefano, was a mind shift on how to help myself to be of better support to others.

I gained awareness of my strength and weaknesses, on how to better use the first and address the latter.

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Michele Bozzano
Head of Unit

The sessions with Stefano were illuminating and intuitive, leading me to a more reasoned, calm, and conscious behavior!
I don't have many right words to thank him because the facts, the ones I had, testify to his careful ability!
Thank you, Stefano, great coach!
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Marinella Bella

I would definitely recommend Stefano and coaching to anyone searching for motivation to face difficult decisions, clarity to plan for the future, or just challenging themselves to achieve new objectives. Read more

Juan Carlos Q.

For anyone seeking a transformative coaching experience, I can't recommend Stefano Calvetti enough. His services are an investment in personal growth and success. Read More

Yuri S.

Coach Stefano expertly taps the power of visualization exercises during our coaching sessions.

Feelings and thoughts connect in insightful and astounding ways.

The 'ask' is to be brave, stay the course, and participate with an open heart - and Stefano is there on the journey with you.

Katy D.

Through these sessions, I was able to transform negative feelings into a constructive force aimed at a specific goal.

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Giorgia T.
Psychologist/Navy Officer

I, therefore, suggest without hesitation to turn to Stefano if one wishes to embark on a path of improvement on a personal and professional level. I understood the true meaning of "personal leadership" with him, and I am delighted with the result we achieved together. Read more

Barbara S.
Army Officer

I feel that Stefano is genuinely interested in helping me; he listens and helps me think and reflect.

His question and empathy were key to guiding me to unlock new paths and ways to move forward. The impact so far is this revived zest for life, that I had lost.

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Adrian Rojas
Software Engineer

I don't usually endorse friends and colleagues (or former ones) but Stefano deserves it. His coaching and team-building skills, and experience make him a great asset to a large community.

Alessandro Battaglia

Masters of the sea

Our life journey can be compared to sailing on the sea, often influenced by external and internal factors. Seemingly calm water and storms come our way, many times unexpectedly.

Masters of the Sea are those who have a profound understanding of themselves (the vessel), the team (the crew), and the effects that events (winds, streams, tides, waves) exert on life (the sea). 

The Masters of the Sea sail successfully with their crew or individually, even in impervious conditions, keeping their orientation, enjoying the ride, and reaching safely their destination.


Master Your Sea Leadership Coaching is a company founded by Stefano, a former Navy officer who chose to put his experience and knowledge at the service of others. His mission is to support those who are willing to achieve positive transformation by becoming better leaders of themselves or others.


Stefano applies the Co-Active coaching method, an approach that seeks to balance "being" and "doing" to achieve desired goals.


I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and an Enneagram Accredited Practitioner.

The choice to become a coach has its roots in a distant past when I didn’t even know the word “coach” existed.

I spent a decade in the Boy Scouts during my teenage years, learning Baden-Powell’s quote, “Try and leave this world a little better than you found it.” It soon became my mantra and why I always worked with initiative and dedication. This is one of the reasons I became a Navy officer.

In my 31 years of active duty, I have had the opportunity to go through many experiences. 

Early on, I learned that ships are just big pieces of metal and that what matters the most is the crew, the individuals. Thus, a good leader should focus on their personnel and teams more than anything else. Listening and helping those we work with find their inner resources to grow and be their best selves is the optimal way to make a crew more effective - and the ship more efficient. The same paradigm can be applied elsewhere - in private organizations and our personal lives.

That is why I have developed a passion for leadership and personal leadership. When I decided to end my 31-year-long journey at the Navy, I knew that becoming a coach was the right and most natural thing to do.

However, purpose and strong motivation are not the only elements I bring to coaching. 

I also bring substantial and real-world experiences in leadership, as both a follower and a leader, as an observer and a protagonist.
I had the chance to taste many different types of leaders: the inadequate, the extremely poor, the good, and the inspiring ones.
I had the opportunity to observe leaders in action (and be one myself) in different environments and conditions: aboard ships, in offices, on national and multinational staff, in war and crisis areas, during peaceful times, amidst genuine or perceived emergencies, and more.
I have interacted with leaders, followers, peers, and friends from various countries, branches, services, and administrations.
I have experienced tactical, operational, strategic, and political leadership.

I bring all of this to the table.

This is what I contribute to coaching, the valuable teachings from Co-Active Training Institute, and the continual learning I am committed to.

And if you are thinking, “That’s great, but you can’t coach me because my job is different from your past experiences,” let me clarify. I won’t coach your job. I will coach the creative, resourceful, and whole person that you are.
I will coach you as a leader for both yourself and others.

I will engage you in a conversation through which we establish a unique and empowering relationship. This conversation will set the foundations for the pathway along which I accompany you as you reflect, learn, and take action until you reach your desired destination.

If you want to leave this world a better place than you found it, I will be honored to walk alongside you in your endeavor.

It’s my way to keep serving and contributing to making this world a better place, little by little. 

Coach Stefano Calvetti signature
A black lady us surfing on he waves with confidence and mastery

The Mastery

The set of skills, knowledge, and tools like self-awareness and intuition that You refine to sail more confidently and safely.

A sail boat with two fishermen at sea when it seems to be dusk

The Sea

The sea is life, your life. The medium through which you move and sometimes, struggle, to reach your desired destination: Your idea of fulfillment and success.

A man with white beard and hair is steering a boat looking ahead, showing confidence


You, a wholesome, creative, and resourceful person, ready to take charge of your life and/or grow as a leader.

Picture of Stefano Calvetti, leadership and executive coach. He is vearing a blue shrt and a white jacket
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) badge, rounded in ligh blue.with the  and with the Co-Active Institute (CTI) logo on the upper half
International Coaching federation (ICF) membership BadgeM
Integrative Enneagram (iEQ9 ) Accredited Practictioner badge


Stylized White Waves

Stefano Calvetti

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