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Coaching Packages

At Master Your Sea we are passionate about helping individuals unlock their full leadership potential.

Our coaching packages are designed to meet the unique needs of individuals and professionals at every stage of their journey. Whether you're looking to build your skills in a specific area or seeking comprehensive leadership development, we have a package that's right for you. Our experienced coach will work with you to identify your goals and develop personalized strategies to help you achieve them. Take control of your leadership journey. 

Get ready to set sail toward greatness!

Get ready to be the Master of Your Sea!


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Our Coaching Philosophy

Our coaching philosophy is symbolized by the trident, a beacon of strength, guidance, and mastery over the seas of change.


Just as the trident has three prongs, our unique coaching framework is built on three foundational elements, each designed to empower you to navigate the depths of personal and professional growth with confidence and clarity.

Together, these elements form a comprehensive approach to leadership and personal development, guiding you towards your goals with the precision and power of a Master of the Seas.

Self-Discovery & Awareness (Central Prong)

At the heart of our philosophy, mirroring the central prong of the trident is Self-Discovery & Awareness. This element is foundational, guiding you to explore the depths of your inner world and uncovering your core values, strengths, and potential areas for growth.

Through tools like the Enneagram assessment and reflective practices, we dive deep into understanding what drives you, your leadership style, and how you can harness your innate abilities to lead with authenticity and impact.

Strategy & Navigation (Left Prong)

Strategizing and navigating represent the trident's left prong, focusing on mapping your journey toward achieving your goals. This element is all about actionable insights and personalized strategies. We work together to set clear, achievable objectives, develop a tailored action plan, and identify the skills and resources needed to overcome obstacles. Like a skilled navigator plotting a course through uncharted waters, this element ensures you have a clear direction and the tools to adjust your sails as needed.

Resilience & Adaptation (Right Prong)

The right prong of the trident symbolizes Resilience & Adaptation, critical qualities for thriving in today's ever-changing environment. This element focuses on developing your ability to withstand adversity, embrace change, and emerge stronger. Through cultivating mental toughness, emotional intelligence, and an anti-fragile mindset, we prepare you to face challenges head-on, adapt to new situations, and seize opportunities for growth and learning.


  • 1 discovery session (for new clients)

  • 12 coaching sessions

  • Enneagram test and 23-page report

  • Preparatory material

  • Support between sessions via email or WhatsApp


What you can achieve (examples):

  • Sustainable, long-term growth in leadership skills

  • Personalized strategies to enhance leadership effectiveness

  • Cultivation of resilience and anti-fragility in the face of challenges and fast-pacing changes

  • Development of emotional intelligence, adaptability, and mental toughness

  • Increased self-awareness, confidence, and clear vision for long-term leadership development

  • Integration of new learning and development of new habits and behaviors

  • Investment in personal and professional growth with high ROI

Best for those ready to invest significantly in their leadership development and want to achieve long-term, sustainable growth and transformation. This package is also ideal for those who want to build solid and lasting relationships with their coach and explore multiple aspects of their leadership style and approach.

Schedule a free call to learn more about this option.

Circumnavigating the globe


  • 1 discovery session (for new clients)

  • 6 coaching sessions

  • Preparatory material

  • Support between sessions via email or WhatsApp


What you can achieve (examples):

  • A deeper understanding of your strengths and areas for development as a leader

  • Specific goals related to your personal leadership or leadership development

  • Improvement of  communication and collaboration skills with your team or colleagues

  • More confidence and resilience in your leadership role


Best for those who want to make meaningful progress on their leadership development over a few months and are committed to taking action and implementing new strategies.

Schedule a free call to learn more about this option.

Across the Ocean


  • 3 coaching sessions

  • Preparatory material

  • Support between sessions via email or WhatsApp


What you can achieve (examples):

  • Clarity on a specific issue or challenge

  • Development of a personalized plan of action to address issues or challenges

  • Increased self-awareness around your leadership style and behaviors

  • Feedback and guidance on particular leadership skills

  • Complementing other packages


Best for those who have specific goals in mind


Schedule a free call to learn more about this option

Leisure cruise


  • 1 coaching sessions


What you can achieve:

  • A refinement or supplement to conclude the coaching journey

  • on-demand coaching session


Best for those who need to complement other packages


Schedule a free call to learn more about this option

Ferry boat ticket


  • one 30-minute free sample of coaching


What you can achieve:

  • Understanding if the Coach suits your needs

Best for those who don't know the Coach, because going on a boat after discovering to get seasick is never a pleasant experience.


Price: FREE

Taste the waves

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