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Leadership and Executive Coaching

We know how to chart the course toward success.

At Master Your Sea, we're champions of change, starting from within to ripple outwards—touching lives at home, at work, and beyond.

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If you are motivated by the ambition to leave this world better than you found it, you have dropped anchor in the right harbor. ​


At Master Your Sea, we're champions of change, starting from within to ripple outwards—touching lives at home, at work, and beyond.

Our voyage is one of empowerment. With our coach as your co-navigator, you'll reflect, learn, and take action, steering toward your goals with clarity and purpose.

Leveraging a wealth of leadership experience —from supporting roles to leading the charge— we provide more than coaching. We offer the tools for navigation, a compass for direction, and a map for the journey ahead. Together, we'll brave the storms and chart a course to your success, in personal and professional realms alike.

Join us, just as you are, ready to enact change. It's an honor to journey with you towards a brighter future.

Let's set sail on this transformative journey.

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About Master your Sea


Our coaching method

The trident, a beacon of strength, guidance, and mastery over the seas of change symbolize our coaching philosophy.


Just as the trident has three prongs, our unique coaching framework is built on three foundational elements, each designed to empower you to navigate the depths of personal and professional growth with confidence and clarity.

Self-Discovery & Awareness

The foundational element to guide you to explore your inner world and uncover your core values, strengths, and potential areas for growth. 

Strategy & Navigation

The second element to map out your journey toward achieving your goals through actionable insights and personalized strategies

Resilience & Adaptation

The key qualities for thriving in today's ever-changing environment, focusing on developing your ability to withstand adversity, embrace change, and emerge stronger.

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Free Sample Session


A 30-minute-long free sample of coaching with no commitments to understand if the coach suits your needs (and vice-versa). Because going on a boat after discovering to get seasick is never a pleasant experience.

Discover session


The discovery session is a 50-minute deep dive into getting to know each other and designing the relationship between the coach and the client.

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Coaching session


All hands on deck! we set toward the destination. The coaching sessions (50min each) are dedicated to the client's ambitions.

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Stefano Calvetti, CPCC

Stefano is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and an Enneagram Accredited Practitioner with 1000+ hours of leadership training and coaching experience.

In his previous career, he has been a leader and has learned from other leaders, developing the firm belief that even the most senior officials, even those who reach the highest positions in their organizations, might benefit from coaching to improve their performances, confidence, and self-esteem.

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Coaching Packages

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Embark on an epic voyage of profound transformation. With 1 free discovery session to chart your course, 12 tailored coaching sessions on navigating through your professional and personal challenges, an Enneagram test and assessment to discover your unique leadership style, and continuous support to ensure smooth sailing, this package is designed for those ready to make significant life-changing discoveries and achievements.

This is for leaders, visionaries, and anyone committed to going the distance in their development.

Circumnavigating the globe

12 coaching sessions

Set sail on a focused journey of growth and discovery with our "Across the Ocean" package. Designed for those seeking to delve deep into their leadership capabilities or to tackle specific challenges, this package offers 1 free discovery session to identify your goals, 6 coaching sessions to explore and overcome obstacles, and ongoing support to keep you on course. You'll go through self-reflection, strategy development, and action planning, bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

This is for individuals looking for substantial transformation and growth over a shorter voyage.

Across the ocean

6 coaching sessions

This brief but impactful journey includes 2 coaching sessions designed to target insights and recalibrate the professional compass. Whether you're looking to refresh your leadership skills, gain clarity on a specific issue, or simply explore the waters of personal development, this package offers a concise, focused exploration to help you navigate with confidence and ease.

This is for those looking for a quick boost to their leadership journey

Leisure cruise

3 coaching sessions

Dip your toes into the world of coaching. This single on-demand coaching session is an excellent opportunity to gain a fresh perspective, strategize over a specific challenge, or explore the potential of further coaching. Think of it as a quick trip to the other side – a chance to see what lies beyond, with practical insights and actionable advice to bring back to your daily life.

This is for individuals curious about coaching.

Ferry boat ticket

1 coaching session


What you can achieve:

A 30-minute-long free sample of coaching with no commitments to understand if the coach suits your needs. Because going on a boat after discovering to get seasick is never a pleasant experience.

Taste the waves

FREE sample session

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Success stories

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I circumnavigated the globe with Stefano, was a mind shift on how to help myself to be of better support to others.

I gained awareness of my strength and weaknesses, on how to better use the first and address the second.

Read more

Michele Bozzano
Head of Unit

The sessions with Stefano were illuminating and intuitive leading me to a more reasoned, calm and conscious behavior!
I don't have many right words to thank him because it is the facts, the ones I had, that are witness to his careful ability!
Thank you Stefano, great coach!
 Read more

Marinella Bella


I would definitely recommend Stefano and coaching to anyone searching for motivation to face difficult decisions, clarity to plan for the future, or just challenging themselves to achieve new objectives. Read more

Juan Carlos Q.


For anyone seeking a transformative coaching experience, I can't recommend Stefano Calvetti enough. His services are an investment in personal growth and success. Read More

Yuri J.


Through these sessions, I was able to transform negative feelings into a constructive force aimed at a specific goal. ”

Read More

Giorgia T.
Psychologist/Navy Officer

I, therefore, suggest without hesitation to turn to Stefano if one wishes to embark on a path of improvement on a personal and professional level. I understood the true meaning of "personal leadership" with him, and I am delighted with the result we achieved together. Read more

Barbara S.

Army Officer

I feel that Stefano is genuinely interested in helping me; he listens and helps me think and reflect.

His question and empathy were key to guiding me to unlock new paths and ways to move forward. The impact so far is this revived zest for life, that I had lost.

Read more

Adrian R.

Sofware Engineer

Coach Stefano expertly taps the power of visualization exercises during our coaching sessions.

Feelings and thoughts connect in insightful and astounding ways.

The 'ask' is to be brave, stay the course, and participate with an open heart - and Stefano is there on the journey with you.

Katy D.


I don't usually endorse friends and colleagues (or former ones) but Stefano deserves it. His coaching and team-building skills and experience make him a great asset to a large community.

Alessandro B.

Navy Officer


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When Leaders Talk - The Podcast

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Take the Leadership Skills Test and enjoy a $ 450 discount on any package with 3 or more sessions.

Every transformation starts with self-awareness

It's FREE, it's FAST, it's ACCURATE

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