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The anchor for our everyday life

Updated: Apr 18

Do you have an anchor? No, not the type of heavy weight that keeps you stuck and holds you back, nor a chain around your ankle. Quite the opposite!

Sailors know very well that the anchor is their secure base, allowing them to navigate life's highs and lows with confidence and security. No wise seafarer would go to sea without an anchor on their boat. I have learned this from experience.

White And Black Anchor With Chain During The Day

The anchor gives you control, it’s a safety tool to use when you are exhausted or want to pause. Psychologically, it also gives you the guts to ride the waves, brave the storms, and still find your way to the destination.

No worries: you don't have to rush to buy it. The anchor is a metaphor, of course. In our everyday life, it could be a person, a belief, a personal goal, a hobby, or even an uplifting memory. Most importantly, your anchor is the solid reference point that helps you hold onto your identity and purpose when everything around you is chaotic and energy-sucking. It's like a gentle voice whispering a strong reminder, "Hold on, you've got this!" It keeps you rooted so you don't get discouraged by the crowd and the fads of the day.

Your anchor is unique and reflects the real YOU. The steel used to forge it comes from special mines: your values, favorite memories, dreams, and passions. The steel is then melted by that spark inside that refuses to go out, no matter how stormy it gets.

For example, my anchor is music. Whenever I feel the need to disconnect from the rest of the world, reorganize my thoughts, ground myself, and recharge myself... I listen to music. As I write this post, music is on even now to keep everything else out of the room I am in and out of my head (if you are wondering, currently, the song in the background is called "Ego Death" by Polyphia). When I want to rest at anchor, I put on my headphones and listen to the songs carefully, sometimes isolating the instruments in my mind and focusing on artists' mastery, imagining them in front of me as if in a live concert. It is a form of meditation that brings me awareness and allows me to stay in the moment.

A man is listening to music using white headphones. His hands are behind his head, his eyes closed and a smile of satisfaction is on his face.

In an energy-sucking, fast-paced world, remember that your anchor is your constant and your safety. It is not just about sailing afar but about keeping the stamina and momentum to stay true to who you are and reach your next port of call.

So, my challenge to you is this: take a moment to think about your anchor. What is it? How and when do you use it? Share if you want.

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